Oud 101

The Journey Begins
​Learn about the basics of oud

What is oud?
Oud is a resinous heartwood from the aquilaria species, an evergreen in the Thymelaeaceae family native to South East Asia. The heartwood is harvested and used for medicinal and perfumery purposes, many of a traditional or religious nature. The resinous heartwood only occurs in certain trees as a result of a fungal infection due to wounding. Only the aquilaria trees with this infection actually have the aloeswood. Other common English names for oud are aloeswood, calambac, agarwood, gaharu, and eagleswood.

There is an increasing availability and quality coming from the farm raised variety, and Oudimentary tries as much as possible to support and be aware of the ecological impact that use of this wood has on our world. Our woods and oils either come from farm raised variety, or if they are wild, are in line with all CITES (
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) rules and regulations.

How it all began
Our oud journey

Join Oudimentary co-owners Usama Canon and Micah Anderson on an acquisition trip across South-East Asia.
​This Film contains company background, valuable oud history and intimate interviews.

How to burn oud

1. Choose your burner
Oudimentary offers several different types. We strongly recommend keeping two burners in your arsenal
ONE dedicated to raw wood and ONE for resins and scented wood...which leave a residual scent that effects the purity of the raw wood burning experience.

2. Light a Coal
Place a coal in your burner.
Apply direct flame with a hand-held torch flame for 20-45 seconds or until coal is entirely red. For the optimum burn, allow coal to sit for 2-5 minutes creating a thin layer of grey ash.

3. Select a burnable
Scented wood, or resins like frankincense and myrrh are ideal for fumigating your home before hosting guests, or as general air fresheners. Raw wood is the right choice for personal fumigation.
Place your selected burnable on the center of the coal and press gently with tongs to insure the wood has been properly placed.

TIP: Never flip a piece of wood once you have placed it on the coal. It can emit a unbalanced smoke and is considered a party-foul amongst students of Oud.

4. Dont hate, fumigate
Apply smoke to both sides of each hand, on your right side, then left side, behind your right ear, then finally behind your left ear
If sharing with others, pass the burner to your right (counterclockwise) allowing others to fumigate and patiently wait for the burn to return. Continue the rotation until smoke is no longer emitted and refill as needed.

How to select and apply oil

1. Finding an oil
There's a process to finding the right oil for you; it takes time, patience and insight but when you find it...you will know.
Oils will have different offerings once applied depending on your usual body temperature, ph balance and the climate you live in. Remember to consider these variables along with your personal preference.

2. Perfume notes
Perfumes have three different levels of scent, unfolding over time. These are known as top notes, middle notes, and base notes. Top notes are the initial notes that one smells upon applying a scent. These notes often appear for a short period of time. Middle notes appear once the perfume settles and lasts until the "dry down" where the oil has dried on your skin or clothes. Base notes are the final scent offerings, making up the backbone of the scent profile.

3. How to apply oil
For the optimum oil experience insure that your skin is free of scented moisturizers and be mindful of the cleaning products and detergent used before applying oil. Apply a generous “swipe” to your right hand, then apply a small amount behind each ear and on the inside of your wrists. Evenly rub remaining oil between your hands and apply to the rest of your body. Be mindful that some oils stain clothes if applied directly.

Now is the perfect time to fumigate with your selection of raw wood for your unique, multilayered personalized scent. Don't hate, fumigate!

Tutorial Videos
The Burn
The Oil​