Our Story

Oudimentary was founded in 2004 by oud and perfume enthusiasts Usama Canon and Micah Anderson. Micah, who had been living in South East Asia, had become knowledgeable of aloeswood, which not only is a native species to the region for millennia, but has been used for generations by many contemplative traditions for its psycho/spiritual upliftment.

At the same time, across the Pacific Ocean in the Bay Area, Usama was developing his own passion for oud, incense, and perfumes after years of interest, study and learning. On a visit by Micah back to the states, the two spoke connecting on their similar budding interests, began to import small-artisanal batches of aloeswood and fragrant perfumes to a small circle of friends. After realizing they couldn’t hold on to any amount of product for even a small amount of time, they were called to formalize their small and humble business just a few years later.

Fast forward to 2019, where oud has become one of the most recognized scents in the perfume world, from small house perfumers to internationally recognized brands. We are honored to have been along with you all for the last 14 years, and hope we will continue our presence in the international perfume market into the future.