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Notes: Damp earth, fennel, spice

Hard, medium-sized pieces with a handsome amount of resin imbedded in each piece. The burn is long lasting, and starts with an undeniable scent, reminiscent of damp earth after a mid-afternoon tropical storm. This classic start gives way to a sweeter, headier note as resin appears and the smoke begins its smoldering dance. Tarakan Island is located off the coast of East Kalimantan in Indonesia close to the Malaysian border. The majority of the island is covered in mangrove swamps, which happen to be prime growing ground for Oud wood. Some of the most unrivaled Indonesian oud woods and oudoils come from the wild-harvested trees of Tarakan, and in our search for the finest burn in the world, your friends at Oudimentary unearthed a lovely batch for your burners at a mid-range price.

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