Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom

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Notes: Citrus, floral, spice

Clean and fresh. Earthy yet floral. Complex yet simple.

Well-known throughout the ages for its anti-depressant properties, Orange Blossom oil has been used for centuries by perfumers from Paris to Istanbul. Oudimentary is now proud to present this fine example of Orange Blossom oil, hailing from Fez, Morocco.

In Morocco orange blossom water (which can be made by simply diluting this oil) is called Ilma Zhar, phrase in Arabic literally meaning “flower water,” in contrast to Llma Ward, which is rose blossom water. The main usage of orange blossom water is as a unisex perfume or freshener, usually given to guests to wash their hands upon entering the host house or before drinking tea. Sadly, this old custom is fading away in the present day.

Tap into this old custom yourself by ordering a bottle of this timeless, uplifting—and affordable—oil.

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