Ambre D'hiver

Ambre D'hiver

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Notes: Sandalwood, Cambodi oud, myrrh, benzoin, & labdanum

Due to how popular Oudimentary's amber blend has been over the last decade, our perfumers are happy to release a new proprietary amber blend, as yet another mid-priced offering for our devoted customers. Our Ambre D’hiver has notes of sandalwood, Cambodi oud oil, myrrh, benzoin, & labdanum. Its a wonderful, warming, winter scent, with an herbal/spicy top note, mellowing into a sweet sandalwood bouquet.

Ambre D’hiver is also a nice starting point for those interested in experimenting with oud oils, as it offers simple oud notes for an affordable price. 100% natural. 

*3ML bottle size as pictured, new scent released 7/5/20

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