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Notes: Green, wood, herbs, pine

Tarakan Island is located off the coast of East Kalimantan in Indonesia close to the Malaysian border. The majority of the island is covered in mangrove swamps, which happen to be prime growing ground for gaharu. Some of the most unrivaled Indonesian woods and oils come from the wild-harvested trees from Tarakan, and in our indomitable search for the finest oils in the world, Oudimentary unearthed a lovely batch for your pleasure at a mid-range price.

Tarakan oils have less sweet notes than our Cambodi and Thai oils. Think along the lines of a morning walk through the rainforests of Borneo—as you walk, dew drips, birds call, and the shade of the jungle trees invites you. Continuing on, you smell a fresh, distinct sharpness, which slowly gives way to deeper jungle air, earth and organic life. As you become more aware of your surroundings, notes of pine and herbs begin to manifest. Long lasting, unique.

In this particular batch, sharp, brilliant top notes give way to a green, woody bouquet. Available in limited quantities!

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